Nursery Health and Safety

Nursery Safety

 It is essential that a nursery provides a secure, safe environment for children, staff and parents. Is this the case within your premises, are your staff trained to deal with a potential fire hazard or capable of identifying possible risks in the indoor and/or outdoor play areas.

When was the last time you reviewed your Nurseries health and safety policy??


Does your policy take these factors into consideration;


Playroom safety procedures- In terms of a nursery, playroom safety procedures are probably the most important item to take into consideration as this is where the children will be spending the majority of their time. Does your nursery have fully equipped guidelines and procedures that ensure the safety of both your staff and children


Safety officer training- Are your staff ready to deal with an accident or can they identify potential hazards harmful to the children in your care. At Safety For Schools we can run training courses on occasional/training days that are tailored to your individual requirements


Fire safety- According to National statistics in 2007 there were 31,000 fires in building other than homes, with 61% of these being accidental. Accidental fires CAN be prevented with appropriate training and management. At Safety For Schools we have consultants who have excellent experience and knowledge of fire safety.


Asbestos awareness training- Regulation 10 of the control of Asbestos regulations 2006 (CAR 2006) states that every employer has to ensure that relevant information and training is given to their employees. As a result of this ALL employers need to hold asbestos awareness training in order to minimize potential risks to their staff. 


If the answer is no your potentially putting everyone who comes into contact with your nursery at risk to help ensure the safety of all involved why not give us a call today on 08456436593 and arrange a FREE consultation.